Herba-Plastic Ldt.

Herba-Plastic Ldt.
Grellingerstrasse 37
4208 CH-4208 Nunningen
Telephone: +41 61 795 95 95

Tradition + Vitality

We are a traditional family-run SME (founded in 1920), specialising in the processing of plastic foils and panels. Core competencies: creativity and knowledge in dealing with plastics, good design and extensive services.

1920: “Kamm- und Celluloidwarenfabrik A.-G.”: In the early days, our company made hairdressing and decorative combs from celluloid. Celluloid, one of the first plastics (invented in the US in 1869), had already become the material of choice for comb-makers in 1900.

1945: “Kammfabrik Herba AG Nunningen”: In 1945, HERbert BAuer from Olten owned the majority of the mid-sized Nunningen-based company. As a supplier, we produced combs for international distribution. The collapse of the comb-maker trade forced us to find a new direction: plastic welding technology was introduced in 1948, followed by deep-drawing in 1954.